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The background art was created on day 1 of the project. Mixedmedia on handmade paper.

Where Art & Grief Meet

Podcast #whereartandgriefmeetpod

Links to episodes

Episode 6: Margo Tantau 

Episode 5: Liz Gamberg 

Episode 4: Jes Reyes

Episode 3: Bonus Hector Cosmas

Episode 2: Sharon "Nullsie" Nullmeyer

Episode 1: Debbi Krasey

Before we begin






Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 8.01.26 am.png

In the days before the project started, Margo Tantau (of Windowsill Chats podcast amongst many other things) and I talked about Where Art & Grief Meet, the context, background, rationale and some of my still forming at the time ideas.


Have a listen. You can find it on Spotify, Apple podcasts, wherever you stream your listenables or click here or on the picture.

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