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The background art was created on day 1 of the project. Mixedmedia on handmade paper.

Where Art & Grief Meet: Creating in Response to Loss


In the chasm that is grief and loss, alongside sorrow and pain, there also dwells an opportunity for meaningful expression, personal expansion, creative enrichment and engagement with community.


Since December 2001, five critical events have spun my life into unforeseeable territory and prompted prolonged and compounding grief. Life has shown that I immerse myself in intensive art practices in order to process and cope.


Since March 2020 when my father died, I have embraced a daily artistic practice and have been reflecting on what has brought me to this, a more stable, sustainable, satisfying space. With the project, Where Art and Grief Meet I will formally explore the relationship between creation and loss, the space where they mingle and how one might impact or inform the other.

This project will involve: 

  • documentation, observation and analysis of my own daily art practice from 1July 2022 - 30 June 2023

  • dedicating each month to a different broader theme, just to help me focus

  • having conversations with creatives (visual artists, musicians, writers, and entrepreneurs) about their experience and reflections for a dedicated podcast #whereartandgriefmeetpod and available on Spotify.

  • building a Spotify playlist for each month with the music that accompanies my making and reflections.

The overwhelming response from creatives I have talked with about this project has been positive and enthusiastic, which matches my feeling about it. For me process and intention, reflection and growth is everything, and this is what I hope will come from this yearlong endeavour.

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