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The background art was created on day 1 of the project. Mixedmedia on handmade paper.

Where Art & Grief Meet


The response to Where Art & Grief Meet has been overwhelmingly positive.

The following are some of the creatives who have generously allocated precious time to have a conversation for the podcast. 

  • Esté MacLeod (artist, designer & creator of online art and creativity courses)

  • Marina Strocchi (internationally exhibited painter & printmaker)

  • Tim Rogers (musician, writer, broadcaster and actor)

  • Cathy Sofarnos (abstract painter and entrepreneur)

  • Vivienne Strauss (collagist, painter, photographer and embroidery and other wonders)

  • Gayle Kabaker (painter and creator of online courses) 

  • Garry Moore (fine art and commercial photography)

  • Margo Tantau (entrepreneur, artist, mentor, podcaster)

  • Zoe Paschkis (artist in watercolour and ink)

  • Jess Reyes (multidisciplinary artist and arts facilitator)

  • Dianne Jenkins (multidisciplinary artist)

  • Dallas Cosmas (musician and producer)

  • Charlotte Duckett (barrister, chef and gardener)
  • Debbi Krasey (teacher, pattern maker and compulsive maker)
  • Nathalie Cosmas (artist, maker and teacher)

  • Archie Argyropoulos (musician & instrument maker)

If you would like to participate in the project, you can do so by filling out the form below, and I will email to schedule a chat.

I would like to participate in Where Art & Grief Meet

You will receive an automatically generated confirmation email on submission of this form.

I'll follow up with a human response shortly.

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