"&son and nut the guinea pig" (2020)
mixed media: watercolour and acrylic ink  in
watercolour sketchbook

soph&son artworks celebrate the perfect imperfection of life.

soph&son original artworks, fine art prints, and homewares provide the perfect enhancement for new, curated spaces, livening up places familiar, or anyone needing an uplifting, high quality, but affordable gift.

soph&son is a small business, with green intentions, focussed on making and dispatching all products with the smallest carbon footprint possible.

soph&son was established in 2007 and is now located in Templestowe on Melbourne's outer eastern fringe. 

soph says:

With an artistic voice heavily accented by my Hellenic heritage, I am self-taught and self-directed.


Happily rejecting the concept of "perfection" has liberating my creative process and most importantly invited a celebration of that which is evolving: that which lives.

Life is a quality I always seek to capture in my artwork.

My practice now encompasses painting, drawing, collage, digital design and ceramics (hand building). I work from a home studio and one of my greatest achievements has been learning to adapt my endeavours to accommodate my physical limitations.

While I started the business when I was a single parent with a newborn and an acquired disability, &son is now a teenager.

Our lives are enhanced by the presence in our home of two pups, a guinea pig...and my mum.