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Ep 1 Debbi Krasey has dropped.

A close up of an intricate and complex piece of unfinished knitting on circular needs.
This image has been lifted from Debbi's IG account and is being reproduced without her permission. It is an exquisite Fairisle pattern by Kate Davies Designs

I am so excited. I've managed to draw a line under the first episode of Where Art & Grief Meet podcast - that in orange is a link.

It took soooooo long. From transcription to editing to recording intros and commentary and with a cold, every step took twenty times longer than it should because I am learning. But that's ok. It's just part of the jam. And I need to be patient.

The hardest part was dedicating days and days to a task that wasn't painting or drawing. I definitely didn't want the rigours of this project to take me away from my daily art practice but what can you do? I'm going to take the weekend off, now and will regroup on Monday to begin putting together episode 2. My special guest is Nullsie. She grieves in colour.

We recorded the interview a few weeks ago now, so am all excitement about revisiting. Have a listen to this if you get a chance. Feedback is welcome as I need as much insight as I can possibly get.


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