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Open for inspection!

I was coming home from the local shops when I saw a young man was erecting the For Sale sign in our front yard. I hoped against all hope that the agents had not led with a photo of the front of the house – which is a folly I have seen before - ridiculous to my mind when one considers the position of the board in front of the house. It seemed obvious to me that the hero shot should have been the lounge / dining space, which is vast, airy, and inviting.

I went out later with Mum to have a look, and was somewhat surprised to see an enormous image of the swimming pool. Enormous. Possibly giving the impression that the pool is larger than it is.

Nevertheless, this is the photo the agents have chosen to best represent the lifestyle opportunities of this "family home" as it is, and so onward.

I suppose, looking at the market, there's a number of other houses not too dissimilar to ours, that have recently come up for sale. Many of them do not have swimming pools. So perhaps the strategy is to differentiate ours whilst also highlighting our very reasonable price range.

I have to stop micromanaging everything and leave stuff in the hands of the agents. That is what I need to do. Focus on the things I have control of like fingerprints on the cupboards and stray items lying about the house and leave the rest to them. It's hard though.

Today is the first open for inspection. Our first and only opportunity to make a first impression in real life. The online presence has been available to view for two days now, but I've had no feedback yet as to how many people have clicked on the site to view the property in more detail.

It is going to be scorching hot today. 37 degrees Celsius. The kid, the dogs and I were planning to head to Central Victoria to get away from this madness and stress, but we don'tt feel our little Nut , the guinea pig, will survive the soaring temperatures in the Nuthaus so we will instead stay close to home and bring him inside with us, perhaps venturing northward tomorrow when it is cooler.

My dreams last night were full of knots and swamps and anxiety. I'm sure what they represent are much worse than today will actually be. However obvs I am very much looking forward to this process being done. I know I have mentioned that before.

It is nearly 7AM. At 7:30 I will start vacuuming, mopping, wiping, dusting, and ensuring all the little details are taken care of before the agents arrive at 10:50.

Do wish the best for us. I feel as though we have worked hard and we deserve it.

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