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The Sisters

The Sisters (2005) giclee print on paper by soph&son

In 2005 I was heading to Greece to meet my nieces, Phoebe and Daphne for the very first time. Phoebe was only 4 and Daphne, our little Dot, was all of 2. I wanted to create something to help them understand how I fitted into their lives.

The Sisters' story is this:

Phoebe and Daphne are sisters.

They live together with Mummy and Daddy.

Mummy has a sister. Stella.

Daddy has a sister too. Sophia.

Phoebe and Daphne live on the other side of the world to Sophia

where Sophia lives with two cats: Bongo and Poppy.

Sophia is going on a plane, across the stormy seas to meet Phoebe and Daphne.

Sophia would like to give Phoebe and Daphne a big hug when she gets there.

The End.

(There is a dingo and a kangaroo for Australia, and a serpent and a camel to indicate Egypt where their paternal grandmother, my mother was born.) I can't remember the significance of the duck.

So this is how I introduced myself to my sweet girls who are now 20 and 18.

Portion of the Senufo print on my wall which I purchased in 2002. It isn't signed.

I had a large Senufo print which I puzzled over for endless hours during rehab and beyond. I sought a narrative or pattern in the characters and creatures,but to this day I haven't found either. It clearly influenced the look of my work, although I know I didn't appropriated the style on purpose.

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