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How Come Time Goes So Fast These Days.

Neutral blobs from the dregs of my pan and dip pen doodles to ease my anxiety. Next time I'll make them all into people.
Blobs and Doodles (2020)

I'm finding it hard to relax and be in the world. This is not the case for Pluto who

is chasing bunnies in his sleep.

I don't know whether to hang the washing on the line or put it on the thing inside. Will it rain or won't it? Is my back up to the effort of the line anyway? Probably not.

And all the while time's just zooming by. How can it be almost the middle of the day?

By the by, I just went into my Paypal account to unsubscribe to Stan. When I looked at my authorised payees, I was shocked to see the lengthy list of companies with whom I had payment agreements. It took me a while to manually cancel 24 redundant payment agreements, some of which hadn't been used for three or four years and many of which I wasn't even aware I'd authorised. It irked me that those entities had a line into my financials, even though they probably don't and it only felt that way. I don't know. I don't understand how this stuff works.

Maybe this is why I feel like I'm not getting anywhere because I keep spending time on things I didn't even know existed.

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1 comentário

Yep. That endless repetitive trivial stuff sucks up energy and time and positivity. I loathe it. I hear ya.

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