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Where Art & Grief Meet: Update II

One thing I miss particularly about not having Dad is access to his encyclopaedic knowledge of things. Normally he would be my first port of call when an enquiry surfaced, and then whatever he said would spring me off into further research which we would discuss and process together. I miss that he's not here to talk about this to. But instead I have you. So onward.

I've decided Where Art & Grief Meet needs some thematic structure, so with just three days until to go, I've decided to add monthly themes to frame my thinking.

They are as follows:




July 2022

Hector, my brother

His death taught me about the depths of grief. His birthday is July 3.

August 2022

​Nature, colour and forms

Celebrating the inspirational force that is nature, colour and natural forms.

September 2022

The Smyrna Catastrophe, Occupation of Cyrpus and the Exodus of Greeks from Egypt.

Without all these events, my life would definitely not be playing out on these lands, far from where my soul resides.

October 2022

The Soundtrack of My Life

Recreating and reimagining favourite album covers and celebrating the music

November 2022


My boy, around whom the world revolves and from whom I learn more every day. He will turn 16 on the 16th.

December 2022

​The Pups

Pluto and BabyNyx are my constant company, muses and loves.

January 2023


From a migrant background and challenging childhood Mum, a great and continuing inspiration, will be turning 80 this month.

February 2023

First Australians

Living on borrowed land with the weight of a 60,000+ year continuous civilisation, underacknowledged and underappreciated as the occupiers' legacy.

March 2023


The history, expression, philosophy and impact of my dad.

April 2023

Inspirational People

Celebrating the people who inspire

May 2023


Personal stories, attitudes and evolution. I will be turning 55 on the 28th.

June 2023

Wrap up

Project analysis.

We are getting very close to lift off and I am all a-buzz.

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