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When we were chic.

I may not be that fashionable, myself, but I can tell you who is: the lucky dogs and cats who get to wear the stunning, handmade apparel from the sunny little studio that is Folktails Pets.

So incredible is the vision of the founder, R), that one day she saw a little gouache thing I'd posted on my Instagram account and she asked me to turn it into a pattern for use in her consistently chic accessories range (for pets). What came from that exchange was the fabric you can see in the picture above.

You can see (and shop) the full range of Folktails Pets' products if you click the image -which will include all the bespoke designs I came up with. I am so excited that on this day, when I kick off the Where Art & Grief Meet project, we also have the launch of this most creatively rewarding collaboration.

All power to the clever hands of R) while happiness and joy is also abounding in the land of soph.

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