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Tied in knots

I am all tied in knots trying to do too many things all at the same time. Prolly not the first time.

  • There's wet washing in the machine needing to be hung.

  • I'm half way through a really gripping lesson at Sketchbook Skool with Ian Fennelly, but an ETSY order came in that I had to pack and send off (which is GREAT!) but that took me away.

  • While out I had to get the child (who is online schooling due to the lockdown) some lunch.

  • Mum needed me to do some admin bumph the instant I returned.

  • When I sat back down, a distracting email told me my website subscription was about to expire (WHAT?!) so I checked and yes! So now I've gone and changed my plan and chosen one that embeds an online shop INTO my website, so I've now got TWO online shops...

  • Consequence is I have to diddle the website to make the two online shop business make sense. As if that could ever make sense.

  • I need to adjust the setting on some items in the existing online ETSY shop so they don't automatically renew when their time's up if they don't sell in the meantime.

  • I need to work out why the heck my printer is printing everything in mirror reverse. (WTAJF?!)

  • I really want to do a painting.

  • The pup hasn't been walked.

  • I'm supposed to do some ferrying of books or clothes or something from my old bedroom into my new bedroom, just to make it feel like some progress has been made today, particularly before my body gives out.

  • There's some serious NDIS paperwork that needs to be completed.

  • And I haven't thought about dinner.

Is that enough?

I'm off to walk the dog. A nice loooong stroll. We're allowed out for two hours. That might do it.

I hope nothing intervenes between me and the door. There's about 25 steps.

Have a lovely day. Oh, and do remember to breathe.

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Feb 15, 2021

Oh my gosh. You win because you loose child and gain puke. Lol must be getting to do classes on site this year. Oh la la!! She must be as excited as you are gutted. Plutino ended up in Ruffey Park Lake three times this week. That’s three baths. But you still win. Big hugs.


Yep. It was a day for it. My girl is moving out on 27 Feb ( I cannot even... not for a millisecond... ) so we were gathering up things she will take which we had stored from Northcote flat . Had to be done before the container of stuff from London arrives this morning at 7:00 am and we have another wall of boxes to negotiate. Reg had casually peed in Peaches’s porta-cot style crate and thrown up on a fabric dining chair. Peter and Fraser, both working from home, ate for lunch what I’d pre- prepared for dinner. Three loads of linen on the line. Only one of the three bathrooms cleaned ... Peaches headed into the da…

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