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Radio silence does not mean nothing is happening.

I have been busy.

A phonecall at the start of March that there was a puppy, and she was coming home to us, prompted me to emerged from the bubble I entered when Dad died, the one where I just did art and I didn't do much else.

So there has been somewhat of a frenzy. A slow hurricane has swept through our house that has turned it upside down, sifting and shifting and culling and nudging and moving things.

It is also necessarily puppy proofing because on Anzac Day we will go to Tarrawingee (near Wangaratta) and bring back eight week old Nyx the Miniature Labradoodle, one of a six dumpling litter.

Her siblings, Leonardo, Renoir, Carla Z(ampatti), Bella and Rosie are all equally scrumptious. And I'm sure it will be difficult for her to leave them.

She will, of course, have a new sibling in Pluto who we know will grow to love her, with her keen little shark teeth and bouncing gait. It will certainly be an adjustment for him having been an only dog for many years, although he has grown accustomed to Nut, the guinea pig and lived for four of his six years with Bongo the Biggest in the World.

It's going to be fine.

I've also been working on a project I can't talk about. I can't show you either. It's very exciting. It's a collaboration and it's testing my skills but utterly rewarding and really, really fabulous.

You'll get to see one day soon.

So I'll get back to work now.

Hi ho.

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