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July is flying

His Royal Highness, Pluto, Princess Cushion. pen & ink on cotton rag by soph&son (2022)

I've been teaching myself how to edit audio this month whilst bumbling through construction of my first Where Art & Grief Meet podcast episode. Obviously I want it to be something listenable and good, but there's no getting around the fact that I'm working with rookie skills*, so I beseech anyone listening to be understanding and kind. It's going to get better the more I make, like all things, but I have to start somewhere.

I'm going to wrap the episode in the next couple of days (because I need to, time wise) but there's still a way to go. At least I've more of an idea of what I'm doing now and this I know because the cursing at the computer has diminished. Which is good.

I have to say that being shackled to the computer isn't my favourite thing and I can't help but feel a like I'm betraying the painting/drawing/sketching part of my life and not reaping the mediative reward that activity brings. But then again making a podcast and learning how to do it, is still being creative... ...just not in the way that feeds my spirit.

What does keep me upbeat and motivated, however, are the Zoom chats I'm having with some wonderful creatives, all of which I need to transform into future podcast episodes so you can experience them too. I am truly grateful for the generosity of people who are sharing their time and stories with me. Meeting people and forming connections is the best possible thing for this introvert.

I'm also continuing with illustrations for my children's book about Pluto. At some stage this week I hope to start laying out a rough, but ugh, it's more time at the computer, so podcast ep 1 must be finished first, so back to it.

Before I sign off I want to acknowledge the folk who have generously contributed financially to the Where Art & Grief Meet project. Thank you for your show of confidence to: Debbi Krasey, Jorj Lowrey and Jakob Smith.

Details of how you can support the project and links are here.

If you'd like to subscribe to this blog respond to the pop up here

And if you would like to talk to me about your experiences for a future podcast episode, or even just have a chat, go here.

*Even from the moment of transcription I've been on a huge learning curve. At each step though, I find more streamlined ways to do things for next time. Phew!

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