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A Very Exciting Week & it's only Tuesday...

Watercolour and ink in Winsor and Newton sketchbook. Just playing around as I work on my kidbook.
Title of my Pluto book, but not the cover art.

Not strictly this week, but still... on Friday morning, joy of joys I did an online class with the dynamic duo Jennifer Orkin Lewis - aka August Wren - and Gayle Kabaker. They absolutely never fail to inform, inspire and encourage, so what better way to start a day, than have a two hour session with them?

Yesterday I met one of my most favourite artists ever, Marina Strocchi. I don't want to tell you anything about the experience because it's destined for a podcast episode, but I can reveal that my heart was quite a-flutter as I was welcomed warmly into her home to sit by the heater, on what was an otherwise dreary day, to chat for the "Where Art and Grief Meet" project. I have a couple of other interviews to publish before I get to this one, so stand by.

Today I am attending a zoom masterclass with Australian artist, writer and film-maker Sean Tan being held by renowned Australian author Jen Storer's Girl and Duck - "the most exciting, innovative and supportive destination for anyone wanting to write and create BEAUTIFUL books for children". I have been watching the goings on at the Duck Pond for a long time now, having met Jen years and years ago through a mutual friend, but now I have my Pluto book in development, I can justify the fees (very reasonable as they are) to join and make use of the resources they provide.

So it's exciting times here at Where Art and Grief Meet HQ. I hope you are all well, and the flowers popping up in the gardens around the place are encouraging you that spring is just around the corner.

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