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A Milestone Reached

Our loungeroom photographed by me from the Juliet balcony. No one is slowed in that room now. But what a lesson in giant area rugs. Love it.
Styled up the wazoo.

Yesterday, a team of professionals descended upon our home, or what had been our home until the day before.

You see the previous day a team of other professionals arrived, and filled our house with furniture and accessories which do not in any way reflect me, or my aesthetic, although truth be told the wonders they worked upstairs in Mum's space suits her quite well. She is much more the minimalist at almost 80 years of age. I remain attracted to my homemade wonky trinkets and mishmash of eclectic , sentimental ephemera.

Anyway, yesterday Nathan and Jenna, the real estate agents, the copywriter*, Ben who did the floorplan and the photographer* arrived to take the marketing photos for our house. It will go on the market this weekend, and in about four weeks will be sold at auction all things being equal.

One would hope that life could return to normal in a month, but expectations such as these are nothing short of folly.

We still need to find ourselves a new home.

Mum is going into retirement living, and we have already found her a wonderful place in her favourite neighborhood, close to friends.

Me, Milo, the pups and the guinea pig are yet to determine where we will reside. We know it will be in central Victoria we know it will be close to Castlemaine, but beyond that we do not know where it is or what it looks like, or what the rigors of turning it into home will demand.

I do have to acknowledge the genius of my child, who, as the house stagers were finishing and ushering us into the safe space that is the kitchen (where most all the furniture is ours) I dropped my bottle of carbon back ink, shattering the lid and splashing not only the tiles but the light coloured carpet . My child who has a fascination for solvents knew precisely the combination and order of general household products to remove the damned spots. One of his superpowers! Crisis and tears averted.

I do know every day is a gift but I will be so glad when this is over and we can gently rest and go about our lives. This is my 23rd move of house and the hardest. My 12 years here are the longest I've been anywhere and so much has happened in those years. So much.

Stand by for the next installment. That will be after open for inspection on the weekend.

* those who are nameless, remain nameless, because they were never introduced to us.

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