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A fifth of the way…

A very loose sketch of a cream Labradoodle and a smoky black schnoodle. Sketch is done in Stabilo Woody 3-in-1s
BabyNyx and Pluto when we went zig instead of zag and found a new walking path.

So, we are 20% of the way through Where Art and Grief Meet and things seem to be moving along pretty well. I have been on it every day and despite being quite a task oriented, hyper focused person and wanting to devote every waking moment to it, I'm embracing the concept of balance in all things and so attend gratefully to the other things in my life.

I'm really enjoying spending time with my son who is not able to attend school at the moment so as often as he likes we watch tv or cook or just chat and hang. It's time I try to make as positive and fun as possible.

Listening for the second time to Andrew Solomons Far from the Tree* reminds me that children find their way in their own time, particularly when they are in a loving environment. And my boy , like a case study in the book, "is taking a long, slow time growing up. But life is quite long". So it's important not to worry about these things.

My boy has been my greatest motivation and most effective teacher. He also holds up the mirror so I can examine my attitudes and behaviour when challenges arise, continuing, I know, my evolution into a better more aware person (and parent). I am grateful and happy to be able to recognise this and am just so lucky to have him.

My pups, Pluto and BabyNyx get me out of the house for walks each day and keep me on my toes when we are at home. Their antics together are hilarious as they battle each other, every waking moment, for whatever the other has, including location, and they are also cracking hotrocks as this wintry beginning to spring continues to chill is to the bone..

Increased mobility problems due to osteoarthritis in my hips is real. I'm going for an MRI in a fortnight to check out how it has progressed. The prospect of an MRI used to fill me with terror as I am awfully claustrophobic however a little Valium will keep me calm and still in the chamber when I need to go, so bring it on, I say.

Talking of chills. I have some pretty nasty chilblains on my toes. I thought for a moment it may be melanoma such as the disfiguring discoloration and lumps, as well as its rapid progression and on Tuesday did quietly freak out for about three hours, but my GP assures me that despite being painful, it is nothing to worry about and I just need to wait for the weather to warm up and in the meantime keep my toes warm.

In the artmaking department I am participating in Esté MacLeod and Lori Siebert's September Coloricombo challenge. It is exceptional fun. We are given a female artist for a muse, a one "f" word prompt, and a limited pallet of three to five colors with which to make an artwork. There are 10 to be completed over the course of September.

These are my first five of 10 coloricombo creations all very different, I know. (I did Jacqueline Groag twice as I was thrilled by her work)

I completed a fortnight of daily affirmations after an online course by Jessica Swift. She is an artist with an incredible story of rebirth and resilience, so apt for my project. I might reach out to talk to her for a podcast episode...

There's also putting together the dummy of my book about Pluto. That's coming along but needs time in front of the computer which is troublesome physically. It will get there! Eventually.

Six segments for the podcast are also published and there's three more conversations ready for postproduction. And quite a few more scheduled. I truly hope the podcast is useful and entertaining. It is most easily found on or @spotify. Otherwise go here for links.

I also have two new Patreon patrons. Thank you so much to Liz Gamberg and Emma Eagles. Your support, participation and show of confidence in the project, and me, is more appreciated than you know.

So that's what's been happening at Where Art and Grief Meet HQ. It never stops really. And what a blessing that is.

This post is dedicated to our cousin Victoria who we have loved and recently lost. F**k Cancer.

*Andrew Solomon's Far from the Tree is a most important work. I couldn't recommend it more highly than I do. It's long but doesn't feel that way. It is a gift to humanity. Truly.

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